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Devotions: God is Calling Are You Listening
God is Calling Are You Listening?

Devotions: God is Calling Are You Listening?

This is a devotional look at the book of Amos. As we read this book together, we will discover God’s heart for His people. Seeing His grace extended towards His rebellious people can provide hope in your own rebelliousness.

What you’ll find inside:

  • It’s a review of history with a reflection on the present. This helps you understand the human condition.
  • It contains penetrating questions for self-reflection which help you handle the hard truth.
  • There are thought provoking questions to keep you focused on God.
  • The C.O.P.E. Acrostic helps you formulate an action plan for implementing truth in your life.
  • The Truth Tracker is used to log your truth discoveries.
  • There are additional resources to find your next study.

You will learn how to:

  • Be prepared for the Judgment to come.
  • Acknowledge your sinfulness and resistance to God.
  • Identify your spiritual fitness.
  • Get ready for God’s restoration.
  • Acknowledge that God’s presence is inescapable.

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