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Devotions: Mission Encouragement: Take the 24-Day Challenge
Mission Encouragement

Devotions: Mission Encouragement

Take the 24-Day Challenge

This devotional based on book of Colossians will help you get God’s Word in your life.  They say it takes only 21 days to form a new habit. Reading ThinkOnIt Bible Devotions for the next 24 days can help you form a spiritual habit that will help you draw closer to God.

Here is what you will learn about:

  • Develop a thankful attitude.
  • Create a lifestyle of prayer.
  • Understand the purpose of God’s words.
  • How to examine the fruit of your life.
  • Discover the ministry of reconciliation.
  • How to safeguard yourself from deception.
  • How to recognize false humility.
  • How to examine your priorities.
  • Ideas for encouraging others.
  • Increase your confidence in God
  • Understand the power of fellowship.
  • Create an action plan for applying the truth to your life.

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